You are looking at the constant glow of Hydrogen Atoms, the most plentiful substance in the Universe. Very few times in human history a fundamental shift in how the human race prospers and moves forward takes place. Gloh believes we are witnessing one of those times. How energy, the stuff that makes most everything work, is produced, delivered, and consumed is undergoing massive change and Gloh is part of that equation.


Gloh carries a full range of Solar panels and Solar related energy products for commercial and residential applications.

Fuel Cell

Gloh believes the ultimate answer to our energy production is Hydrogen Fuel Cells. We carry a full line up of fuel cell products from large multi kilowatt applications to small on-demand personal power generation.


If you are looking for wind power for your Home or Business then Gloh can deliver the best wind power solution to best fit your needs. Combined with solar panels you have a complete energy solution.


After you generate your energy you must then use it. Gloh’s complete line of energy efficient lighting products from leading manufacturers will allow you to make the most of your new power generation equipment with cost and efficiency always at the forefront of your installation.


What would energy delivery and distribution be without software and apps to make the most of your equipment. Gloh not only carries software from many developers and manufacturers but our software Research & Development team is on a mission to bring to market the best, user friendly, cost effective software applications in the marketplace.


Gloh offers Service and Installation on all of the energy products we sell. Whether it is tech support, service, or on site installation, our team of professional technicians are here to serve you.

Financial Services

Gloh offers competitive financing and leasing on all products that we sell. Simply ask your salesperson for more details.


A large part of our business is dedicated to Research & Development of energy products that will one day make major changes in everyone’s lives and as we like to say “Poke a Hole in the Universe”.