Energy Defines Us

Gloh is your source for off grid and alternative energy products. There is massive change coming in the way the world uses, receives, distributes and stores energy. As a leading supplier of alternative energy products, Gloh is on the forefront of that energy revolution.
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What We Offer

Gloh’s goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to “Off Grid” electric energy with a full range of affordable energy products. We’re catalyzing change in the industry. The products we sell are price competitive, utmost quality and environmentally responsible.

To provide leading edge energy products and services that are price competitive, of utmost quality and environmentally responsible.

  • Sales 80%
  • Service 15%
  • Consulting 5%

Why Gloh?


Gloh has the energy products you need and the sales professionals to assist you with every step of your purchase.


Gloh offers not only service and installation of our products, but pre-sales and post sales consulting services to make sure you get the most of your purchase and insure that it is the proper fit for your energy needs.


Gloh knows that the energy market is constantly changing. That is why we pride ourselves on changing with it and have a commitment to bringing to market new and exciting energy products that will one day very soon, “Poke a Hole in the Universe”.

Your source for Alternative Energy products.

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